It’s a Great Life



cowsgrew up in the middle of farmland in Montana and as a child I walked to school through cow pastures and  watched farmers tend their vast fields of vegetables and flowers. There were always fresh flowers at my grandmother’s house and an entire room in the basement with floor to ceiling shelves overflowing with canned summery goodness. An entire refrigerator was devoted to fresh apples and other fruits picked from her trees. I’ve watched lambs being born, cattle being rounded up and cherry pickers high up in trees.



I know that some people adore forests with towering trees and mysterious paths. Others are partial to mountains and lakes. Who doesn’t love a vast ocean view with sandy beaches and gentle breezes? I like those too but there is nothing like farmland to take my breath away. I love looking out as far as I can see at pastures and lush green fields with old barns speckled here and there. Everywhere I look teeming with life. Cows grazing, chickens exploring and flowers blooming. It is my idea of paradise.


I love my farm. It has an original historic farmhouse built in 1896 with a wood burning cookstove, original wood floors and details. We have 24 acres nestled among huge neighboring pastures and dairy farms. We have animals and grow our own food there but it is primarily a flower farm. There are fields of flowers and two greenhouses filled with my favorite blooms.


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My days are filled with seed planting, tending to and harvesting my flowers. I have two studios where I take the best the gardens have to offer and create lush romantic arrangements.



Sometimes they are for special moments in lives such as weddings. Oftentimes they are for the beautiful everyday moments. As I work I think about the homes my flowers might find their way to. Perhaps they will sit in the middle of a table where families share good meals and talk about their days. Maybe they will be on a nightstand ready to greet someone in the morning with a heavenly fragrance. I create arrangements for those who are part of my flower club and who have joined the flower subscription we offer and for the people who enjoy shopping at the local farmers markets I am part of.


It is a great life. Filled with hard work, lovely people and beautiful flowers.


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